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  • creative nightlight for children


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Lisaura’s shadows

Delightful hand made picture, perfect to complete the design of your child’s room

Perfect little painting to enhance your children’s room. Easy gift for a birthday or even a baby shower
This picture is fully hand made with love and pleasure. Very limited edition.

If you place the painting next to a lamp or light, it becomes an amazing nightlight for your little ones when they’re scared of the dark.

Handmade and traditional art craft. Made in France. Inspired by French style.

If it’s time to send bubs off to snoozyville, the comforting glow of a night light is just the ticket for a good night for all with the help of Lisuara’s Shadow painting.

As well as providing soothing ambience they offer illumination for you to check on baby without flicking on the big light

With Lisaura’s shadows, we switch on the brightest of the bunch, which have more tricks than Mary Poppins to help keep little ones calm, reassured and rested.

These are very original and creative painting. Never been seen before. Be bold, be different. Don’t be scared to embrace different interior styles for your house.

This nightlight is like no others. It is a creative way to decorate and useful way to help your child sleep happily.