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My wishlist on Lisaurashop


1 – Are all products in stock?
Lisaurashop offers only products that are in stock. If a product is missing, we pledge to keep you and deliver you as soon as possible.
However, our passion is to create exclusive products, because you are unique, we manufacture by hand, which is why we recommend you to check our eshop. If a product is no longer for sale, but you really have the urge, do not hesitate to contact us at +1-561-762-0545 or email support@lisaurashop.com and we will do everything possible for you to produce it again.

2 – I have questions? Hesitations?
You need help ? Do not hesitate to call us. We are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm:
– By phone: +1-561-762-0545
– By mail: support@lisaurashop.com

3 –  How to use the promotional code to receive a discount?
After adding all the products in your cart, enter your promotional code in the case for this purpose. The total of your order will refresh automatically. To receive a promotional code, please subscribe to the newsletter lisaurashop. You are thus sure to receive specials and tips of the month.

 4 – I’m not sure to be present at the time of delivery, how to do?

Delivery times are given in the order confirmation we send you after your purchase. Do not worry, our carriers routinely call the customers to make sure that someone can take the delivery. So you can tell them your availabilities.

5 – How can I track my order?
You can follow the progress of your order on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. If additional time is required to ship your package, we inform you when you place your order.

 6 – I need to get my order for a specific date, how?
Contact us as soon as possible at +1-561-762-0545 or email support@lisaurashop.com to let us know your date for receipt. We will then notify the carrier and follow this delivery with particular attention, within the limit of our possibilities.

7- How to pay my order?
Lisaurashop gives you the opportunity to pay your order in several modes of payment
– Secure payment by credit card
– Pay via bank transfer
– Payment by Paypal

8 – Items in large quantity at Lisaurashop for corporate gifts?

We are able to secure large orders for certain items that are perfect for corporate gifts, for example, and that we can customize. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +1-561-762-0545 or email to support@lisaurashop.com.

9 – Discount for twins and multiple births
Because a multiple birth is a particular event, Lisaurashop supports you in this exceptional moment that requires you to order double or triple the same items, and offers 10% discount on all your purchases. In order to get it, you must send us by email at support@lisaurashop.com a birth certificate or any evidence of multiple pregnancy.

10 – How do I order a engraving?
Lisaurashop offers personalized service for silverware products and articles in acrylic crystal: solid silver or silvered metal cups, acrylic crystal coasters and trays. To do this personalized engraving, just send us an email with the name or words you want to engrave and a idea of the preferred font. We will make for you the design and send you a soft copy for validation. Warning, it is your responsibility to check the spelling of the name or the chosen word because no returns will be accepted for customized items.
11 – Certificate of authenticity for silverware
Our goldsmith’s supplier is the leader of the French goldsmith for births gifts and ceremony. Lisaurashop offers goldsmith products guaranteed by the hallmark “goldsmith master” on the product itself.

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