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My wishlist on Lisaurashop
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Gift register for birth list / baby shower

1 – How to open a list of birth in Lisaurashop?
a- I create my account
b- I choose my product list by clicking on the link (the little red heart) of the product that interests me. A birth list contains at least 3 products.
c- I inform my family and friends by sending to Lisaurashop their e-mail address.
Whenever a loved one makes a gift on your list, you are notified by email. You can thank donors at any time. You can also check donations by logging into your list.

2 – Can I change my mind and modify my list?
A list of birth in Lisaurashop is flexible:

You can make changes to your wishlist at any time. For example, you can add or delete items easily. You can also choose your birth list is private or public.

If it is private, visitors can access the list through a password that you’ll release them.
Your family, your friends are not obliged to indicate for which item they wish to donate. You have the free choice to choose the items you want to receive.
You can add items by clicking the link in each product description.

3 – How to make my family and friends aware that i have a birth or baby shower list ?
You enter their email address on “my space list of birth”.
You can also call them the URL of the birth list. This URL is sent to you when creating your email list. Remember to communicate the password if you chose to make your private list.

4 – How am I informed of donations on my list?
For each donation, an email will be sent to you. It tells you the amount of the gift and the donor’s name.

5 – How do I close my list?
As soon as I hope, I close my birth list by sending an email to customer service Lisaurashop: support@lisaurashop.com.

6 – Open a list of birth in Lisaurashop has many advantages for you and your loved ones. Still not sure?
We offer you 5% of donations made to your list of birth, valid on your next purchases.
This credit is offered at the end of your list, as a good discount valid 12 months, and personally awarded to parents.

The only requirement: the total amount of donations on the list must reach a minimum of USD 500. At least 3 articles should be on the list. Sale items do not enjoy the 5% discount offered on the birth list or baby shower list.

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